Various Methods of Losing Weight – Which is the Safest and Most Effective?

Weight loss drastically in just 10 days! Your waist circumference decreased by 1 smaller per day! Eat as much as you want and stay slim! Those are some things that are often echoed by advertisements for drug sellers or weight loss tools. However, do these products really work to lose weight? What are the risks of losing weight in a very short period of time? And most importantly, is it safe? Before finding out more about the side effects of losing weight drastically. Please note in advance, some general categories of ways to lose weight. Basically, almost all of the claims for weight loss can be categorized into 3 categories:

1. Supplements & Diet Pills

Currently there are many supplements & diet pills circulating that claim to make weight loss drastically. Basically, they claim to inhibit nutrient adsorption, boost metabolism, and burn fat. But in fact, not all supplements work well. Don’t get the wrong choice of supplements, make sure the supplements you buy are made from organic ingredients and without side effects like the weight loss supplement from the proven NutraVesta.

2. Very Low Calorie Diet

Another category is using the Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) method. However, this type of method must be supervised by medical personnel. The truth and success of this diet is largely a lesson learned from people on this diet.

3. Creams, Weight Loss Tools, and Magic Spells

There are many more strange and dubious ways that are claimed to be effective for losing weight drastically. Most of these methods claim to replace diet and exercise for weight loss.

Did This Drastic Weight Loss Method Work?

According to research, a proven way to lose weight is a Very Low Calorie Diet or weight loss surgery. In addition, other methods are considered untested to be effective in losing weight drastically.

Basically, what you need to know that in any weight loss program, what burns fat effectively is not a pill or a specific type of food, but a calorie reduction accompanied by regular exercise.