Business Opportunities Selling Accessories


Description of the accessories business market share

Accessories are jewelry or equipment that is usually used to complement the clothes we wear so that it defines our appearance, some types of accessories are even considered mandatory for some people, especially women. so do not be surprised if the enthusiasts of these accessories are mostly women, although that does not mean that men do not use accessories. make sure you have determined the market first before you start your business, for more information please visit the official website here lcs2 reviews.there are men who use accessories only for the type and the demand for it may not be as much as women.

The advantages of selling accessories

I will answer some of the strengths that I feel when running this business.

The types of accessories are very much

There are so many types of accessories out there, ranging from necklaces, bracelets, earrings, hairpins, hair tags, veil ornaments, clothing ornaments and lots of other small items that we can’t possibly mention all of them, which are clear shapes, types, prices and sizes of these accessories are numerous and vary.

The price is affordable

For the price per item of accessories, it can be said to be very cheap, so that it is affordable by all people, no matter what age, you will be able to buy it, for example the price of a hair tag item we usually buy from an agent for a price below 10 thousand.

The capital to start a business is not too big

Product prices are very cheap, making the capital needed to open a business as very minimal, with an initial capital expenditure of under 5 million, you can get various accessories items that are very sufficient for resale.

Relatively many advantages

Even though I have a fairly small capital, I consider this business to be quite profitable. Based on almost 1 year of experience selling accessories, the profit you get is pretty good, what is clear is that on an average day, the income from selling these accessories usually ranges from Rp. 50,000 to Rp. 100,000. profits increase drastically especially during certain times such as just before Eid, holidays, or the harvest season.

Daily needs

Accessories have become common everyday items, trivial items such as safety pins, pins and other daily objects are the products that generate the most profit, because these objects are sought by buyers almost every day.

Flexible and seriously easy to run

This type of business can really be sold in combination with various other businesses, for example, I sell accessories combined with a business selling cosmetics and stationery, this shows that this business is indeed very practical and can be started with relatively affordable capital.

How are you also interested in starting a business selling accessories like this? If this is the following I provide tips that might be useful for you.

Find the biggest agent

When deciding to sell accessories, of course you will need an agent where you shop, look for the biggest agent because usually large agents or stores have more collections and types of accessories compared to agents or small shops.

Pay attention to the oper price offered by the agent

When you first shop, make sure you also do research to find out the price of each store, because this will greatly determine the amount of profit you will get later.

Consistent selling

The biggest obstacle in this business, in my opinion, is laziness, especially when the market is less crowded and the benefits are not as expected. Do not open and close because this can make your customers move.

Differentiate the oper price and the retail price.

The next tips you have to pay attention to your buyers, if you sell these accessories in the market like me, you have to really know who bought them. If the buyer is a shop owner and the number of purchases is quite a lot, you have to adjust the price so that buyers can still make a profit when reselling it at retail, this will make your subscriptions even more.

Shop diligently

Usually women really like the latest models so try to shop often, if you do not shop a lot because the accessories model is very fast changing according to what season is the trend, you better wear a little but the merchandise often changes than you buy a lot but merchandise didn’t sell well.