7 Best Cheap SUV Cars version 2020

Now, it seems that some cheap SUVs in the country have started to appear. Of course, the emergence of several SUVs at affordable prices is one form of strategy from the manufacturers in competing in the automotive market, especially in the type of SUV. Also, consumer interest in a cheap SUV is known to have increased dramatically. Therefore, it is not surprising if the SUV is known to be expensive right now some come with an affordable price offer that makes many people interested in buying it. I wonder what are the cheap SUV cars sold in the market?

In connection with several types of SUVs, at least this time I will share information related to the 7 best cheap SUVs on the market.

Well, the following below lists the prices of the best cheap SUVs that you can choose. Some of them are as follows:

Toyota Fortuner

Who is not familiar with cheap Toyota Fortuner SUVs? Yes, this handsome Japanese-made SUV indeed comes with super-tough specifications and a sporty, elegant look. A new touch on the headlamp makes the Toyota Fortuner look more manly with an aggressive headlight gaze.

Toyota Rush

Well, not only has a large-sized SUV, but the Japanese manufacturer has a mini SUV called the Toyota Rush. Cheap Toyota Rush SUVs are also known as one of the best mini SUVs sold in the market. The reason is, this car comes with a pretty handsome exterior appearance and functional features on the roar of the cabin so that it complements the sophistication and will certainly make every passenger feel comfortable and feel comfortable for long in the cabin.

Daihatsu Terios

In addition to Toyota, one of the Japanese factories also has a SUV that is quite reliable, namely the cheap SUV Daihatsu Terios. At first glance, there are indeed many who say that the body shape between Terios and Toyota’s Rush has many similarities, but has a different price.

Honda CR-V

Step on the price list of cheap Honda CR-V SUVs. This SUV is indeed just as attractive as Toyota and Daihatsu. In fact, it can be said that for this type of CR-V it is an elegant and luxurious CR-V. When viewed in terms of its exterior design, it can be seen how luxury and sportiness are also reflected in the Honda CR-V body sector.

Honda HR-V

Next, I will now discuss the cheap Honda HR-V SUV. Although the body shape is smaller than the CR-V performance and comfort cannot be underestimated. Because the kitchen sector spurs too no doubt, where the Honda HR-V carries a machine that is suitable for consumer characteristics.

Chevrolet Captiva

Not only a few manufacturers from Japanese brands, but one of the cheap Chevrolet Captiva SUVs is also quite interesting to discuss. The name Chevrolet has become one of the brands of automotive manufacturers in Indonesia which is above average. Well, for specifications, cheap Chevrolet SUVs will come with two engine choices, namely gasoline and diesel.

Nissan X-Trail

Next is the cheap Nissan X-Trail SUV. This car from Nissan comes with a sporty, luxurious design and looks so characteristic. So, it’s no wonder that many consumers are attracted to this luxury SUV. In addition, the Nissan X-Trail will also be present by offering 2 engine choices for consumers to choose, namely 2.0 L and 2.5 L.

Well, that’s a list of the best cheap SUVs on the 2020 market. Looking at several types and price ranges above, it seems that KIA Sportage and Daihatsu Terios are still the cheapest types. Meanwhile, the Toyota Fortuner and Honda CR-V are indeed priced with a fairly high nominal. As for the other types, the nominal numbers are reasonable for SUV classmates.